Buyers Beware At Holman Antiques

Holmans Antique Sale

Vinther is suing for $36,000, plus unspecified losses due to his expending “significant time and funds to determine the clock is a reproduction, not a genuine antique,” according to the suit.

Though the clock appeared new, Vinther’s lawsuit claims Agha told him it looked that way because it had been refinished. “Defendant’s clock was not a genuine antique, but was a contemporary reproduction,” according to the suit. “The clock appeared new because it was newly made, and was not an antique.”

Must have been the battery that gave it away..

Buyers Beware At Holman Antiques

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  1. I wonder how many other items have been sold in the past by Mr. Agha under false pretenses???

    That Ford Building should be a 5 star hotel, in my opinion.

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