6 thoughts on “Furniture Hut Closes

  1. You know what editor, you have a and snide attitude and you don’t get your facts, before you publish a story.

    All I can say is at least Joe Worthington had the balls to set up a dam nice store in Pacific Grave. Selling items of
    good quality and useful, unlike those crappy attic stores, which are popping in PG.

    Joe’s a great guy, you should of actually taken the opportunity to introduce yourself, whilst he was here.

    Further, for your information he is not actually going out of business he is re-locating to Sand City, to a far more condusive space and to town that actually welcomes and promotes new business.

    As much as you love to gloat on businesses that are closing. I wonder if you, yourself have ever got up the gumption and determination to set up a business?

    I very much doubt it.

    It’s just easier to trash others that have at least tried.

  2. Store Closing – Everything Must Go – Liquidation to me means outta here for good. Why doesn’t Joe have the sense to put “Store Moving To Sand City” on big signs on the windows? Is it something to be ashamed of, moving to Sand City?

    I call ’em as I see ’em. Others are free to comment or correct. Just keep the language G rated please.

  3. Joe is a phenomenally kind and generous person – clever and talented, and is excited and confident (not “ashamed”, as you theorize)about relocating to Sand City. I am sure he knows exactly what he is doing with his business and his signs (just a guess, but perhaps he wants to start his new store with new inventory).

    Are YOU something to be ashamed of, since you do not reveal your identity, as you bash and mock people persuing their goals withhard work, passion and optimism. Seems to me you should quit being a judgemental coward and put your energy to issues that actually deserve criticism and change.

  4. The owner is not being very kind or generous to the city of P.G. taking off and moving away like that. We could use the tax $$.

    The admin’s ID link is on every page, btw.

  5. It’s been over a year – where did Worthington land after the “relocate”? I see nothing but a website with lots of greenwashing but no location.

  6. Editor-

    For your information he is sharing a commercial space with an art framer
    at 26362 Carmel Rancho Lane, Carmel. He is mainly doing
    commercial work nowadays, big projects with hotels.

    Check out his inventory there, it’s fabulous!!!

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