Here’s A New Business

A “Talent Agency” in Country Club Gate. Look at all the minivans and SUVs filling the lot. Read the BBB entry for the nearest one in Oakland:

John Robert Powers

Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record

According to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, all San Francisco John Robert Powers locations have been closed and phone numbers have been disconnected.

The John Robert Powers organization operates in various locations under different owner/managers who operate similar to franchisees. They accept responsibility for their own offices independently. The John Robert Powers organization generates complaints which are processed through Better Business Bureaus serving the areas in which individual offices are located. Complaints generally express dissatisfaction with the company’s services and request refunds of up-front fees already paid. Most complainants do not understand the nature of services offered by John Robert Powers.

More stuff on the web. Buyer beware!

2 thoughts on “Here’s A New Business

  1. I think new business in this area is great! One should not be so negative or over “hear-say” or fillers to your blog. I think they are giving youth in our area something to do as well as putting money into the community.

    Now what could be wrong with that?

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