Cops Catch BB Gun Vandals

Every so often you read about (or become the victim of) people that cruise around shooting out car windows. Looks like this one didn’t get away.

Three 18-year-old Pacific Grove men face misdemeanor vandalism, assault and conspiracy charges after a pellet-shooting spree in Monterey, a police spokesman said Friday.

A 17-year-old boy and a 24-year-old man in the truck were released, Taylor said. Two pellet rifles were found in the suspects’ truck, he said.

Police identified the suspects as Abraham Ruiz, Blake Andrews and Ian Hesse.

Cops Catch BB Gun Vandals

6 thoughts on “Cops Catch BB Gun Vandals

  1. Is this the same Ian Hesse that was the star football player at PG. Why do these athletic stars often turn out to be miscreants and criminals, somewhat supposedly above the law? Is it because we, the adoring fans, hold them in such esteem that we can forgive their earthly sins? Did he lose his scholarship? Or will the apologists excuse his criminal activity because of his athletic acumen? Just wondering…

  2. What the crap is a 24-year-old doing riding around shooting pellets? Aren’t you supposed to have grown out of this by the time you turn 15?

  3. Actually, ALL THREE of them were P.G. High athletes. Hesse was a star, but Ruiz and Andrews were standouts as well.
    Grow up.

  4. Chzzlzz… Get a life!

    Kids make mistakes; some times pretty stupid ones. But only in Pacific Grove can you hear a flood of “holier-than-thows” spew acidic rhetoric about their neighbors… especially if the neighbors are easy targets towards which to aim their misguided political and social beliefs.

    Hesse, Ruiz and Andrews were not above the law; they were arrested. They will pay dearly in missed opportunities for years to come.

    If you want to talk about above the law, let’s talk about the current budget mess our city government has gotten us into with their “good-ol’-boy” business practices. Let’s just increase our taxes even more to bail those criminals and miscreants out… Oh yeah; they’re not athletes, so we need to hold them to a lower standard.

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