Greedy Realtors Ruin People’s Lives

Think they really care?

Realty Pig

After visiting an open house one Sunday, they met a Realtor and were coaxed into making a full-price offer. Before they knew it, they were in contract to purchase an 863-square- foot, two-bedroom house for $609,000.

Their Realtor referred them to a mortgage representative, who took their application and suggested they go with the “stated income” format. They recall the phrase he used: “Your incomes need to match the home you are buying.” Apparently theirs did not, so he raised the income numbers by 40 percent.

Greedy Realtors Ruin People’s Lives

1 thought on “Greedy Realtors Ruin People’s Lives

  1. How exactly does one get “coaxed” into buying a house for $609k that they didn’t want to buy. were they kept up for long hours? were they forced to listen to loud music? perhaps they were waterboarded. Mc Donalds cant even coax me into up sizing my combo meal

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