Face It, No P.G. Merchants Want The Farmers Market

Public transit would be impacted by moving the market away from the animal clinic. Who gets impacted more – people that go to the vet’s office between 4:00pm and closing, or people that ride the bus?

Monterey has a weekly farmers market that blocks the entire length of Alvarado street from car traffic and no one complains.

Wednesday, the Pacific Grove City Council will hold a public hearing on the location of the market, after which members are expected to decide the day — Saturdays are also being considered — and location. The hearing will be held in council chambers at 6 p.m. at 300 Forest Ave.

The appeal to change locations was led by veterinarian Jennifer Wernsing who said that keeping the market near 18th Street would affect clients at her Cottage Veterinary Care Clinic at 172 16th St.

“The (city) made a small accommodation,” Wernsing said. “I don’t think that is one that will be satisfactory for providing access for our clients and not enough for the merchants near us.”

Face It, No P.G. Merchants Want The Farmers Market

2 thoughts on “Face It, No P.G. Merchants Want The Farmers Market

  1. Jeez – there’s always a couple that have to bitch and gripe and taint a good thing with their negative sniveling. The market is long overdue and I will definitely be going to it every Monday. I live on 16th Street. Dr. Wernsings patrons can simply park in the Peppers parking lot or along Central Avenue – what the hell is so hard or inconvenient about that? Get a clue.

  2. maybe the lady would actually get a few more clients from the extra foot traffic……but who cares anyway lets keep p.g. just as boring and antiquated as possible!

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