Golf Fees Going Up

On Wednesday, the City Council voted 5-0 to impose surcharges on holders of annual passes for the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Course.

Players holding passes will pay $1 for a nine-hole round of golf and $2 for 18 holes, in addition to the annual pass fee.

Resident and avid golfer Jim Willoughby objected to the fee, saying the “nickel-and-dime” surcharge amounted to a 32 percent increase for players like him, who play two rounds a week at the course.

Crybaby Golfer

An annual senior’s pass costs $650, and the surcharge would run up to $208 more a year in his case, Willoughby said, adding that it is an undue burden on seniors living on fixed incomes.

Steve Thomas, a member of the Pacific Grove Men’s Golf Club, said the surcharge “will create ill will.”

At $8.58 per golf round, Willoughby and others are still getting a bargain, said Councilman Dan Davis. Non-residents pay $45 a round.

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Golf Fees Going Up