Eco-Freak Victory, No Styrofoam Allowed In PG

Just one question – how do we enforce such a law? Is there going to be a packaging posse kicking in kitchen doors on the hunt for taboo table wares? It could be a cruel way to drive someone crazy – go to Smart’n’Final, buy a package of clamshell to-go plates and stencil the name of an eatery on them and leave at bus stops and such.


Pacific Grove banned food service containers made of polystyrene and plastic utensils at restaurants — cups, plates, bowls and takeout boxes — by unanimous vote of its City Council.

Violations will be punished as an infraction, with a warning the first time and a $100 fine for a second citation. The person paying the fine can use the $100 to buy biodegradable food containers rather than write a check to the city and show a receipt for the purchase to city officials.

Eco-Freak Victory, No Styrofoam Allowed In PG

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  1. Oh yeah, that’s going encourage more business to come to town. Notice how politicians always seem to enact new laws and regulations when the economy can least afford it?

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