Does Substainable Mean Bailing Out Failed Businesses, Too?

Wooden Nickle OOB

A “sustainable” Pacific Grove isn’t just about the environment; it’s economics too, City Councilwoman Vicki Stilwell told her colleagues at Wednesday’s council meeting.

In her case, the economics of the city didn’t sustain her and her husband’s business, the Woodenickel gift shop at 529 Central Ave., which is holding its final closeout sale today.

“We’ve had a wonderful five years,” Stilwell said, “but I don’t know if it’s the recession, the price of gas, the mortgage crisis.”

Business just hasn’t been good enough.

Sorry to sound mean, but first you need to have something to sell that people want. Fewer tourists and fewer people decorating their weekender homes equals less need for phony country charm.

If you are going to pimp the town to tourists, you’ll have to cave and give them something that they will be drawn to P.G for. One suggestion is to get Trader Joe’s to move to the main floor of the Holman building. But that would decimate the all-blessed Grove Market, none of our best bribed politicos would approve it.

Think . . something unique yet familiar to all . .
Holmans Hooters

Does Sustainable Mean Bailing Out Failed Businesses, Too?

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  1. The old Holmes Department Store wow i remember the resturant on top of the store. I used to spend my summers there in Pacific Grove with the Keiths and the Watkins. From 1969-1977 Thank you for the pics. So sad that everything is changing.I remember going to Lover’s Point and the snack shack they had there.

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