Dog Owners Blame Others For Everything

Mindy Barker? Sorry, gotta laugh at the pun.

Can a cause be not having your pet on a leash in an area that is not your private property? Sorry to sound cold, but would you let your dog run loose on Holman Highway too?

Owners pursue cause of dog’s death, mad about barely buried carcasses.

Mindy Barker believes what killed her dog was barely buried a few feet from a popular hiking trail used by many dog owners in the Del Monte Forest.

That day, Bode bounded into an area with fresh bulldozer tracks, soft ground, traces of black plastic bags poking through the dirt and the strong smell of decomposing flesh, she said. Before her husband could stop Bode, the dog picked up something and gulped it down. A few days later, Bode’s health started to decline.


Dog Owners Blame Others For Everything