Squeezing Rent From Aquarium Not An Option?

No matter what the tidepool nazis say..


City Attorney David Laredo said the aquarium contends that the city’s ability to set rental rates for the property it occupies is restricted and that it will contest any rental fee increase. The aquarium has proposed an extension of the lease for another 25 years, until Dec. 2, 2030.

All of the property is submerged land to which the city holds title, Laredo said.


The tidelands were deeded to the city by the state in the public trust, said Councilman Daniel Davis, not to be used for commercial purposes, and any revenues from piers, docks or similar leases would have to go to trust purposes and possibly to the state, not into the city general fund.

“The city,” said resident Lee Willoughby, “has some responsibility to charge a reasonable and equitable rent.” He said the aquarium “has also used our tidelands for collecting specimens.”

Squeezing Rent From Aquarium Not An Option