At Least It Will Sustain P.G. Raccoons

plus rats, mice, gulls and other vermin. P.G.’s businesses try and keep costs down by not paying for trash bins large enough for all the garbage they create. Some even cram the sidewalk cans with their business garbage.

This is particularly bad
Dumpster Sea Breeze Motel 080622

Must belong to Sea Breeze Motel.
Seabreeze Motel

Lots of garbage on the ground –
Dumpster Sea Breeze Motel 071216a

Juice N Java still sustains a fire hazard
Dumpster Juice Java Acumulation

And Lighthouse Cafe offers a little waste wheely loaded with 50% more than it’s made for, fire hazard bin and barrel of grease.
Dumpster Hollys cafe 071216

At Least It Will Sustain P.G. Raccoons