P.G. Chamber Of Commerce Loses Bird

If you feel sorry for Moe, the next time you see him, give him a bird.

No Bird

A bronze bird that graced a memorial bench in Pacific Grove for the past few months is missing.

The bronze blue jay, perched on the end of the Harold Green memorial bench in front of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce, was hacked off at the feet and stolen about three weeks ago. The missing bird is part of a rash of stolen items in the city, which include an entire bench on the corner of Forest and Lighthouse avenues and some speakers from a chamber storage closet. “I just bought another bench,” Ammar said, “And I’m really going to screw it in the ground so nobody can pick it up.”

Some pieces of another bronze sculpture at Lovers Point were also sawed off, said Ammar, who believes the thieves are melting the bronze down for other uses.

P.G. Chamber Of Commerce Loses Bird