More Crazy P.G. Dogs And Their Owners

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Letters From The Editor:

I have lived in Pacific Grove my whole life and choose to live here for the close-knit community the town prides itself on.

I recently encountered a major wake-up call, a dreadful incident which my neighbors chose to ignore or downplay, that deserves attention. Every citizen within this community needs to understand his or her role as a neighbor.

Recently, my miniature dachshund was attacked by a raccoon at night in my yard. In the process of rescuing my dog, I screamed and yelled like I have never before (and I hope to never experience again). While attempting to scare the raccoon with loud vocals, I yelled as loud as I could, “Help!” amidst my dog’s constant screams. Still panicked, I yelled once more, “Somebody help!” After the adrenaline rush ended, I was appalled that NOBODY had come to my aid

Keep your dogs inside. There are raccoons here. There are mountain lions here. Dogs are territorial, pack roaming creatures by nature, they are not smart enough to know when they are out numbered.

More Crazy P.G. Dogs And Their Owners