P.G. Dogs And Their Crazy Owners

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Letters From The Editor

We moved to Pacific Grove less than a year ago to enjoy the small-town atmosphere and great schools and to start a business. What we didn’t expect was an epidemic of off-leash dogs. In June, our dog and family was attacked by a German shepherd in a public space less than a block from our home. It resulted in our dog being put to sleep.

This letter is for the woman in the tan Prius who let two Dobermans off the leash Oct. 1 at the lower Presidio park. You know your dogs chased the deer across the park. What you may not know is that the deer jumped the fence near the Private Bolio Gate and was hit by a car.

What are they thinking? Dogs by nature are predatory, territorial and unpredictable. None of the cutesy-wutesy talk is going to change them. They say hello by sniffing butts and if they do not immediately agree which one is “Top Dog” they settle it with fangs.

Haven’t you heard – Dog owners – keep your canines at HOME.

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