No Bail Reduction For Lynne Nicole Feurer

A judge refused Wednesday to lower the bail for a Seaside High School teacher accused of murdering her elderly male companion.

Visiting Judge Arjuna Saraydarian rejected a bail-reduction motion by the attorney for Lynne Nicole Feurer, 65, who was arrested by Pacific Grove police late last month.

Feurer is accused of killing Joseph Cupita, 81, at the couple’s home May 29. She has been held in jail on $1 million bail since being charged with Cupita’s death.

Defense attorney Frank Dice argued that her bail be lowered, citing her background in the community. He presented several letters from community members who said she is a good person.

Nicole Fuere Court

No Bail Reduction For Lynne Nicole Feurer

7 thoughts on “No Bail Reduction For Lynne Nicole Feurer

  1. I use to have Mrs. Feurer when I was a student at Seaside High School and I am in total shock about all of this!! I dont even know what to say!

  2. I and my family were very close friends of her (Nicole) and his sun Alexis, when I was the student of Naval Posgraduate School in 1983-1985. I know her as a very good person, very concern, and always taking care to friends. I am still not believe that she did it for any reason or intention. I beleive that it might be an inadvertently accident.

  3. I am a dutch friend of Nicole since 1976 ,when we first met in Big Sur Ca. We had a very good relationship and stayed in touch until this year .Suddenly she did not answer my letters and I wondered why .Today I read about the accident of last year and I could not believe it. I work and live in the netherlands as a orthodontist ,where she visited me .She is a joyous person and I missed her ,so I wanted to surprise her with a dutch TV reunion “memories”.That’s why I looked her up today on internet….
    I am very sorry for her companion .I hope her strength will help her through.

  4. ummmm mrs. feurer is one crazy ass lady. in class she called us mother f*****. when we told her ther her phone was ringing. she said “no sh*t” she was extremely rude and disrespectful to the students. i am very glad that this happened to her but it is sad to hear that her companion is past on. oh well

  5. I agree with the other SHS student, the Fuerer you all know from the past was a lot different than what many SHS students know today. I was in her class when this happened and looking back I should of saw it coming.

    Her last year at SHS was full of swearing at kids (including me) and generally going crazy. I was more shocked at the fact that she had a misdemenour and was still allowed to teach.

  6. I don’t know what these SHS students are talking about. The teacher that I remember so well was great, and fun, and easy to talk to. I loved having her as a teacher and am deeply sadden to hear this about her.

  7. Nicki was a friend of mine in collete. We lost touch many years ago. Just went on the net to see if I could find her and read the article about her being charged with murder. I find this hard to believe. She was such a good friend and I am dismayed to read this news. I cannot find any further information. Has a trial been held yet?

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