Mysterious Beings Vandalize Golf Course

“It’s generally a cart or a truck doing donuts. This is pretty weird because it’s obviously not a vehicle,” police Cmdr. Tom Uretzky said. “It’s just a bunch of holes.”

Golf course Superintendent Mike Leach called it the worst vandalism he’s seen.

“Someone has physically just beaten the heck out of a $30,000 green,” he said. “It was as if someone took a roto-tiller to (it).”

Pacific Grove’s golf course and several others, including the Monterey Peninsula Country Club, were also the target of pranksters six weeks ago, but those capers weren’t nearly as damaging as Monday night’s big dig, Leach said.

Just a bunch of holes? Three words, Punk Mutant Gophers

Punk Gophers

Mysterious Beings Vandalize Golf Course