Peace Kooks Caught With Stolen Property

Marina City Councilman Dave McCall was mighty surprised when he learned a long-missing campaign sign from his November 2006 re-election race was spotted last weekend on a street corner in Monterey.

He was concerned enough about the company being kept by the 2-by-4-foot red, white and blue placard to interrupt a pleasant Sunday afternoon and zoom down to Window on the Bay Park.

McCall bolted from his car, grabbed his sign, checked for any other campaign signs and started to leave. One male protester grabbed him for a moment.

McCall, who has his sights set on a run for Marina mayor next year, thought the last thing he needed was a confrontation in the middle of this scene. He whipped out his ID and the protester relented. McCall went home and called police to report the incident, just to keep his bases covered.

“It’s irritating, why someone would take my sign … or try to ruin my credibility using my sign in that situation,” McCall said later. “I just wanted to handle it calmly.”

Cowards Protest

Peace Kooks Caught With Stolen Property