Mayor Dan Cort Hands Out Polluting Pine Trees

And not only do they pollute, they will block the sun from his solar panels.So here, have a free tree but don’t plant it near Cort’s house.

Pacific Grove Mayor Dan Cort is thinking globally, but acting locally. He and his wife, Beth, have donated 500 Monterey pine seedlings to be planted after the Good Old Days Celebration this month as a way to offset carbon dioxide generated during the event, which brings hundreds of vehicles and thou sands of visitors to town.

But Ronald Regan was right – trees cause pollution!

According to a study by the University of Helsinki, coniferous forests that is to say, those composed of trees such as pines release nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere that combine with other pollutants to form smog.

Several scientists and environmentalists contacted by the Associated Press for comment did not dispute the finding, though it contradicts the “conventional wisdom” that forests reduce pollution. Those who commented countered that forest emissions are part of the Earth’s natural balance, whereas man-made pollution is an addition and therefore an avoidable health hazard.

Mayor Dan Cort Hands Out Polluting Pine Trees