Favaloro’s Scene Of Police & Ambulance Already

That’s Hospital-iano!

Barely open for two weeks and PG Police, ambulance and PG fire department were seen in front of Favaloro’s Big Night Bistro at around 7:30 Thursday night the 29th. Somebody was wheeled out on a stretcher and taken away in the ambulance. The ambulance left with the siren and lights going.

Favaloros Ambulance

Favaloros Patient
What that was about, more family squabbles or just some bad clams?

Favaloro’s Scene Of Police & Ambulance Already

4 thoughts on “Favaloro’s Scene Of Police & Ambulance Already

  1. I happened to be enjoying a terrific meal there that particular evening along with many other diners and more diners lined up outside the place waiting for a table. The table next to us was a party of 7 or 8 and one man felt queasy before the food was delivered to the table. There was no bad clams or any other problems. Why don’t you leave this nice family alone. You are constantly irritating the on your ridiculous webs. The restaurant is beautiful and the food Marie puts out is the best on the peninsula. Chill out, my friend and get a life, as you need one.

  2. OK, thanks for clearing up any confusion, “J”.

    That “nice family” has repeatedly been reported in the print news media for domestic violence occurring in their downtown PG restaurants. When someone sends me pictures of police and ambulances in front with a person being wheeled out, one is immediately reminded of those recent incidents.

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    Great e-mail name, btw.

  3. What comes around goes around. Bad things will happen to bad people. Every rumor about them is true.

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