The Parking Meters May Multiply

The idea is controversial in a town that prides itself on being “America’s Last Hometown.”

Those opposed to adding parking meters downtown, at Lovers Point and along parts of Central Avenue said it will take away from the city’s charm. “I don’t want it in the downtown area. It would lose all its ambiance,” store owner Dee Moore said.Others said they worry shoppers won’t want to pay for parking in front of downtown shops.


Parking Meters Sensor Loop

The so called ambiance was lost long ago, chopped up, sold, painted over and resold. It was replaced by by phony charm that requires sandwich board signs to direct you to the merchandise you just cannot live without. Bah! Anything worth spending money on should stand on it’s own.

For one, the meters may increase the the number of spaces available as cheap merchants quit parking their cars all day long in prime spacesVictorian Corner Ho
Though I think we would need 3000 meters to make $6,000,000. There’s reportedly 100 meters by the ATC that bring in $1,800 per year per meter.

The Parking Meters May Multiply