Election Time Again

So, who is candidate David Dilworth and does he really live in PG? He touts honest government, but it sure looks like something is hiding…

First, he’s always at council meetings with his single topic of open government, hug the trees, etc. In all the meetings I have watched him speak at I’ve never heard him say he is from Pacific Grove. His non-profit lists a 624 (Carmel) prefix and a Carmel PO Box..

David’s sites are pretty minimal, looks like 1996 vintage Geocities. Wonder how much HOPE pays Dilworth for those bad copy/pasted web pages?

His businesses – Sometimes known as Common Sense Software here shown as “Dilworth Software & Web Design”, also uses the same Carmel phone & address:
Dilworth Software Design

Another Dilworth for-profit, using the same resources at the non-profit:
Inspiring Landscape Address

Searching the web comes back Carmel, Carmel and more Carmel, check the web domain register for the for profit photo business. Whoaaaa! The makings of a TRUE conspiracy – registered to David bilworth?
Inspiring Landscape Whois

The seat-hopeful’s campaign site – oooh – same mistake, same Carmel address and phone number..
Dilworth To Lead Whois

OK, OK. Dil comes out and puts a PG address of 166 17 Mile Drive as his home:
Dilworth To Lead

Wait!! That’s the raccoon hugger ex-councilman Terrance Zito’s address!! What’s going on here???

Sound like open honest leadership??

Is the man another constant runner/loser kook? Touts free Internet and free cable TV. The city can’t even keep the sewers flowing and he wants taxpayers to support free to all TV and Internet.
Free Tv

No Cost? Who pays for the infrastructure? Who pays for the power to keep the cable system working? Who pays the workers that maintain it? Cable TV and Internet is not a non-profit. It’s a business that expects to make money from it’s investments.

And city dictated franchises are out. It’s statewide now thanks to AT&T.

Affordability is not the issue. It’s that there is nobody in PG’s vacation homes that cares to see city council meetings or subscribe to cable TV. (few people care to watch public access altogether, but that’s another story)

So, lets solve hunger by making Trader Joe’s give free food to everyone. Force ‘Sustainable Pacific Grove’ to generate enough power to give everyone free electricity. Free water. Ban Cars. Replace buses with horse and buggies. Remove all the evil petrochemical asphalt and return to dirt roads. Uh huh, like it’s 1985 again, and the weird candidates are back.

Election Time Again