The Last Spinning 76 Ball In Town Is Gone

I didn’t notice this until I saw a story on the Internet. Ever since a merger with Phillips/Conoco the bright orange globes that have uniquely represented Union 76 stations are being taken down and replaced with generic looking tombstones, and the long used color scheme is changing from organge to red.

The 76 stations on the Peninsula:
76 Balls 76 Stations

Number 1 – North Fremont, before:
76 Balls N Fremont

76 Balls N Fremont Gone

Number 2 – Downtown Monterey
Still there! Get a glimpse before it’s gone.
76 Balls 398 Fremont St 1

76 Balls 398 Fremont St 2

Number 3 – Munras Ave. Never had a ball.
76 Balls 1401 Munras

Number 4 – Seaside. Gone
76 Balls 1600 Fremont

Number 5 – Pacific Grove. This was the only spinning ball for miles around.
76 Balls 1140 Forest

It is gone!
76 Balls 1140 Forest Ball Replacement

Number 6 – Carmel. Not only a no ball station, one with an old Union sign.
76 Balls 544 Carmel Rancho

Number 7 – Marina. Gone.
76 Balls 3044 Del Monte

Here is one fallen symbol of American branding, being put to rest. Spotted heading north on SR1.
76 Balls Dead Ball

76 Balls Goodbye Dead Ball

The Last Spinning 76 Ball In Town Is Gone