2006 Feast of Lanterns – Can You See It

. . through the thick fog?

FOL 2006

First held in 1905 to celebrate the end of an annual Christian retreat in Pacific Grove, the feast maintains much of its original flavor, including Chinese lanterns on display around town, and Saturday night’s lighted boat parade and fireworks.

Compared to last year’s climactic day, the crowd was not as bustling at Lovers Point on Saturday.

Might have been the weather. Does drippy weather cause people to have beach blanket rage?

We witnessed at least two feuds over ‘reserved’ spaces, one party telling a huge lie about not knowing that the space was saved (earlier in the day, they laughed about picking up and the first party’s blankets and chairs, dropping them in a crumpled pile by a trash can).

2006 Feast of Lanterns – Can You See It . .