Another Charged In Olinger’s Slaying

Angel Ruelas

Police also report killers’ parents obstructing.

Prosecutors said charges have been filed against Angel Ruelas, younger brother of Jacobo Ruelas, who has already been charged in Olinger’s death.

Pacific Grove Police Chief Carl Miller said Tuesday his department had also forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office a case against the Ruelas brothers’ parents for obstruction of justice. No charges have been filed against them.

Jacobo Ruelas was arrested May 13 after a massive manhunt in South County. He was linked to the crime when a palm print lifted from Olinger’s stolen car was matched with his palm print in a new state databank.

Miller said Tuesday afternoon that there is also forensic evidence against Angel Ruelas, including fingerprint and DNA evidence. Ruelas was transported to Monterey County Jail from Corcoran State Prison on Tuesday and is scheduled to appear in juvenile court this morning.

Another Charged In Olinger’s Slaying