Rug Sale Tackiness Comes To P.G.

What’s the business with less credibility than used car sales?

Yep, the Magic Carpet business. Sale Signs that scream “LOST OUR LEASE”, “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS” or “LIQUIDATION SALE” are common either in print ad or on the store front.

Pamir Rug Sale

Lighthouse Rug Store Oob

See, every one of them does it, here is P.G.’s own:

No fewer than 11 signs shouting “REMODELING SALE”, right at the crossroads of the downtown. They win the prize for tacky storefront, formerly held by 17th Street Grill for the year round X-mas lights.

About 3 months later, the signs came down and the windows were covered with butcher paper. Later the store boasted a new front door. Some remodel.

Sale Tackiness Comes To P.G.