Developer Wants To Replace Holmans With Nine Story Hotel

Nadir is nuts. 600 hotel rooms added to our infrastructure is ridiculous.

At the January 28th meeting of the Economic Advisory Committee, Nader Agha (who owns the buildings on the downtown block bordered by Lighthouse, Grand, Central, and Fountain avenues) proposed a plan that includes a six-story hotel with 600 rooms for the front of the lot. The design incorporates Victorian era, Mission, and “Pacific Grove style” architecture.

There would be three additional stories of condominiums on top of this structure. Behind the hotel would be a two-story parking structure and 60,000 square feet of commercial space.

One thought on “Developer Wants To Replace Holmans With Nine Story Hotel

  1. I’m just re-reading the older posts to this blog, going down memory lane. What strikes me is that if we could force newbies (particularly staff & council wannabees and successful candidates who are ready to “fix” everything they see wrong with this town) to read through this from the bottom up, we could save so much time. Hey, Bill Kampe and Tom Frutchey, I’m talking about YOU. How much time and (since staff time costs money) money did you waste last year examining the “historicity” of Holmans & how following Nadar’s crazy plan 2.0 would save the town financially?

    It’s old news (Nadar even used the same artist’s conception), and he duped a new crop of morons.


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