City Leaders Sued For Leading City On STRs

Out of town owners of houses turned into motels cry over resident’s wishes to remain residents.

Now represented by attorneys Timothy Sandefur, Christina Sandefur and Matthew R. Miller of the Phoenix-based Goldwater Institute, the couples’ suit names Mayor Bill Kampe and council members Robert Huitt, Ken Cuneo, Rudy Fischer, Cynthia Garfield, Bill Peake and Nick Smith as plaintiffs.

When this latest suit was filed in the Monterey Superior Court last week, of note was the page dedicated to it on the Goldwater Institute’s website, addressing how “home-sharing” has long been a way of life in Pacific Grove.

But P.G. resident and member of Pacific Grove Neighbors United Luke Coletti pointed to the distinction behind home-sharing and short-term rentals.

“Despite what the Goldwater Institute is claiming, the plaintiffs are not involved in Home Sharing,” said Coletti. “Instead, they operate an un-hosted whole-house short-term vacation rental (mini-motel). The lawsuit errs in conflating the two.”

City Leaders Sued For Leading City On STRs