City Says Bruiser The Pig Must Go

I am surprised that he Hanes’ have not used the “emotional support animal” excuse that was used to keep a miniature horse in a residential area of town.

neighbors who live next door to Bruiser said it’s been hard to deal with stinky smells caused by the pig for the past two years.

“The smell is entering our yard and kitchen and dining area,” Ray Magsalay told city officials at a hearing held to determine the pig’s fate.

Lisa Hanes and her husband, Mark Hanes, said Magsalay, “has made this a mission to get rid of our pig.”

In January 2016, the city issued a compliance notice asking the Hanes to remove feces from their property. The Hanes said they built a pig pen and cleaned the yard more frequently.

In May, however, city officials decided that the owners are still out of compliance, and requested they get rid of their pet by June 20.

City Says Bruiser The Pig Must Go