35% Of P.G Homes Are Weekenders

Second homes for S.F. Bay people. Thanks Keller Williams for blocking the sidewalk too.

Kelller Williams Sign In Way


Recently Pacific Grove is seeing a renewed interest from the southern end of the Bay Area. About 35 percent of the homes in Pacific Grove belong to people who do not live there full time.

“It’s just the last small hometown,” said Keller Williams/Monterey Peninsula Home Team realtor Jeff Davi. “It’s way out here on the Peninsula and it’s relatively quiet. It’s so safe and the prices are even less expensive than San Francisco.”

Since they’re only home on the weekends, second home buyers don’t use fire, police and other municipal services as often, even though they pay the property taxes for them.

On the flip side developers told KION second home communities make neighborhoods feel more like a ghost town. They’re also not shopping as much, so they aren’t contributing a lot to the local economy. Add to that, they’re competing for houses with locals who may not have big bucks and that has created some resentment.

35% Of P.G Homes Are Weekenders