Welcome To Pacific Grove 2014 Tourist Season. Please Wash Your Hands Before Leaving

What happened to the gull poop cleanup program, with all kinds of hoopla about pressure washing and making the downtown tidy?

Monterey Hear-Old, August 2, 2013:
The city recently got state approval for a dry-season “best management practices” plan for sidewalk and curb washing of bird droppings in certain downtown areas, said Hardgrave. This is to comply with local and state regulations to keep contaminants out of Monterey Bay. Those lengthy guidelines are available from the city.

May 3, 2014
Gull Poop Chase Bank2014050

I think the gulls are doing this on purpose. Look up –
Gull Pooping Chase Bank 20140503

Visitors to downtown Pacific Grove please enjoy your visit, spend some money and for heaven’s sake, don’t touch anything outside.