Lady Bank Robber’s Motive For Serial Bank Holdups

She had financial difficulties and decided to take out a few low loans and not pay them back. Sounds like a perfect government stimulus plan.

Cristina Padilla

Cristina Padilla’s confession and other new details surrounding Padilla’s alleged crime spree are outlined in an affidavit for a search warrant that was filed by the Pacific Grove Police Department.

Padilla, 50, used the Internet to research how to rob a bank, the affidavit states.

Police searched Padilla’s apartment at 15 West Lake avenue in Watsonville and found clothing that the accused bank bandit wore when she allegedly held up banks. Also recovered from her downtown apartment were notes Padilla apparently gave to tellers in her quest to get money. One note read: “quickly hand me all of the large bills, no ones.”

The affidavit also details the note Padilla handed one bank teller in Pacific Grove which read: “This is not a joke. Don’t be a stupid. Give me all the money in your drawer. You have 1 1/2 minutes to give me all the money, then 2 men with shotguns will come in here and shoot you. Don’t be stupid.”

Her alleged crime spree began in Pacific Grove at Monterey Credit Union on New Year’s Eve. Police believe she then robbed two banks in Atascadero on Valentine’s Day.

Lady Bank Robber’s Motive For Serial Bank Holdups