Homeless Living In Cars Not Welcome In P.G.

The city can’t collect transient occupancy tax on a van dweller. Send them to Monterey instead. In the words of MoeAmmar “It’s the greatest thing to ever happen”.

“It came up with little fanfare, but I think people who advocate for the homeless got wind of it,” Mayor Bill Kampe said Thursday. The mayor and Councilmen Robert Huitt and Ken Cuneo cast dissenting votes.

About 10 people testified against the vehicle-sleeping ban, which Police Chief Vicki Myers said would give officers more latitude in contacting people in need of services.

“They didn’t want us hassling people in cars who are down and out … but this is exactly what the chief argued — to let people know about all the programs and to put them in the right direction,” Councilman Daniel Miller said.

The move came as the city of Monterey has been wrestling with homeless issues, and is exploring creating overnight parking spots for people living in vehicles.

Homeless Living In Cars Not Welcome In P.G.