Stupid Logic – Liberry Manager Position Tough To Fill, So . . .

Let’s rename the job “Liberry DIRECTOR” and offer more money(that we don’t have enough of) and ask them to fix the computers too. Maybe then the city can attract some young come-here to take the job and commute from Salinas. Then the newcomer will become depressed and leave, likened to the OG PG Cops.

I’d try renaming the job “Senior Liberrian” and offer more $$ to an existing employee.
I feel that to be a Director one would have more than a single dead-tree lending branch to direct, not fix the computers while your at it.


In the past six months, the city has twice tried to recruit applicants for the permanent position of a library manager at the annual pay range of $66,564 to $80,904. Those efforts haven’t turned up many qualified applicants.

That prompted leaders of three groups — the Library Advisory Board, Foundation for the Pacific Grove Library and the Friends of the Pacific Grove Library — to ask the City Council this week to put some more polish on the job title and salary.

In a letter to the council, the groups said people who run public libraries are generally called library directors, and the 2010 national mean salary for library directors was $100,106.

Stupid Logic – Liberry Manager Position Tough To Fill, So . . .