P.G. Police, This Bad?

PG Cop Car 1980s

P.G. can afford a kooky environmental manager but not a ‘substainable’ police force?

PGPD is in trouble

In my 24 years as a police officer with the Pacific Grove Police Department, I have never seen the staffing levels and employee morale so low. It all starts at the top.

Most able-bodied officers are looking for employment elsewhere. The officers are on a leaderless group exercise and the city is exploring ways to contract out the department.

Look at what eight months of contracting a police chief has resulted in: five officers and one civilian have left and more may go.

If the residents of Pacific Grove want to keep their officers on the street and keep their station open to the public, they have to be heard by city officials and the City Council, or it won’t be America’s last hometown for long.

Richard Sinclair Jr.

P.G. Police, This Bad?