Dan Cort’s Stockton Properties Highlighted As “Blight”

The Runaway Mayor that tried to ru(i)n P.G. according to his plans in Stockton appears to have failed there too…

Esther writes in –

If you watch this segment from NBC Nightly News, you’ll see a very nice story about a young man trying to rescue his hometown of Stockton. Watch carefully: near the end, they flash on some of the town’s squalor to make a point about urban decay. I have isolated one shot:

Cortco For Sale

It’s obvious that Kampe’s intended policies are a rehash of Cort’s–it looks like the reservoir is coming out of hibernation.

If you want to see the whole segment, here’s the info:

Young Stockton politician tries to make a difference

At 22 years old, Michael Tubbs, has just become the youngest member of Stockton, California’s city council. He and his supporters talk about how he got there, what lessons he learned growing up and how he hopes to reinvent his hometown and make the community proud

Dan Cort’s Stockton Properties Highlighted As “Blight”