Fire Up The Feast Week, Pt 1

Bazooka Rocket Propelled Grenade Found

The Bomb Squad said an estate sale cleaning service found a 1940’s era Bazooka Rocket Propelled Grenade (M6A1) in a garage cabinet.

The Pacific Grove Police Department quickly blocked a two block stretch of 17 Mile Drive that was affected, to prevent any pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Evacuations of surrounding homes were also made.

This type of grenade contains approximately 3.5 pounds of high explosive.

This must be what I saw in a convoy of police/sheriff/CHP cars and the Sheriffs Bomb Squad truck entering the dump north of Marina.

Item was reported to be a M6 grenade.

Picture from Relics Of WarMM-0512-1
Fire Up The Feast Week, Pt 1