Will Pollacci Get A Change Of Venue?

No surprises there. Poll people coming out of Costco and asking them about “Pollacci Rape Cases”. Sad part about this is that Tommy has yet to get to the Big House.

In response to the survey question, “how would you describe Thomas Pollacci?” the convicted rapist was called “vicious, despicable, guilty,” “evil,” a “slime ball” and “scuzz bag” an “egotistical guy who has to rape to feel superior,” Geringer reported.

“When I talked to these people, they were vicious and very, very angry,” she said.

But Eugene Bregman — a political polling expert retained by prosecutor Michael Breeden — reviewed Geringer’s survey said he found it was fatally flawed and took issue with the questionnaire and her sampling techniques.

“The biggest problem in the survey is that it’s not vaguely representative of the jury pool that will be called,” said Bregman, who said he was being paid no more than $4,000, also from taxpayers, for his work.

Will Pollacci Get A Change Of Venue?