Banks Must Keep Foreclosed Properties Neat

If a mortgage holder walks away from a property, the bank will be responsible for keeping it up, according to an ordinance approved by the Pacific Grove City Council on Wednesday.

The ordinance, presented by Deputy City Attorney Alex Lorca, would require lenders to register properties considered “abandoned” by their buyers with the city within 10 days of a code enforcement officer notifying them.

That solves that. There’s little to no code enforcement.

Anyone see these rotting steps at the city owned old Old Bath House?
Old Bath House Steps

Banks Must Keep Foreclosed Properties Neat

1 thought on “Banks Must Keep Foreclosed Properties Neat

  1. Yeah, nice huh? It seems as if the city makes the laws just to break them themselves. Between the Bathhouse and Brokaw Hall, I think they have at least 3 violations. It may be 4 as the Bathhouse restaurant may be built on top of the old Slats??? & may be considered historical. What a bunch of boobs!

    Lovers Point IS an attractive nuisance. The building official said Brokaw Hall may become an attractive nuisance. MAY BECOME??? It’s been an attractive nuisance for 15 years.

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