What Does “Sustainable” Really Mean In Pacific Grove?

Substainable P.G.’s so called “Green Spot”, a repository of garbage & propaganda.
Green Spot Standing Water
Sustainable mosquito farming? No. All the public displays of water reclaiming, recycling and such are just a front to gain trust. Then they take your rights away..

From American Policy Center Website:

Question 1: Have you heard the term Sustainable Development before?
Yes 38% No 57% Not Sure 5%

Question 2: Are you aware that Sustainable Development policy means severe restrictions on your local natural resources like water, and on private property use?
Yes 39% No 59% Not Sure 2%

Question 3: Have you heard of ICLEI?
Yes 23% No 75% Not Sure 2%

Question 4: Are you aware of ICLEI activities in your community?
Yes 5% No 91% Not Sure 4%

Question 5: Did you know that your community is enforcing international policy and laws, hiding them behind excuses like environmental protection and historic preservation?
Yes 10% No 78% Not Sure 12%

Question 6: Do you believe your community should be paying taxpayer dollars to an international organization like ICLEI to dictate local development policy?
Yes 2% No 95% Not Sure 3%

Question 7: If ICLEI is already in your town, do you want your City Council, Mayor, or County Commissioners to end its contract and stop paying ICLEI?
Yes 96% No 3% Not Sure 1%

Question 8: If ICLEI is already in your town, do you want your City Council, Mayor, or County Commissioners to continue its contract and allow ICLEI to proceed with its programs through non-elected boards and councils?
Yes 3% No 96% Not Sure 1%

Question 9: If ICLEI is not yet in your community, do you want your city leaders to allow them to get involved in your town?
Yes 2% No 97% Not Sure 1%

Sustainable Development calls for changing the very infrastructure of the nation, away from private ownership and control of property to nothing short of central planning of the entire economy – often referred to as top-down control. Truly, Sustainable Development is designed to change our way of life.

What Does “Sustainable” Really Mean In Pacific Grove?

11 thoughts on “What Does “Sustainable” Really Mean In Pacific Grove?

  1. These slobs continue to get free space (for meetings & parties & garden composting classes) at the PG Mvsevm, despite their not being a non-profit.

    So why should they bother to clean up the mosquito bait and fire hazard they have amassed at the “Green” Spot? At the Mvsevm, they have a city staff public works employee to clean up after them (not the foundation staff) at city taxpayer expense.

    There are several indications in SPG , City, and Mvsevm foundation documents that they plan on putting an exhibit (who knows, maybe even an exhibition?) at the Mvsevm to further tout their agenda.

  2. One would imagine that if this “Sustainable Pacific Grove” group really cared about wise uses of natural resources they would not let this property fall into disrepair and collect open standing water, stacks of wooden pallets, old styrofoam and other garbage.

    What they really must be is a bunch of taxpayer funded non elected elitists hell bent on imposing UN Agenda 21 laws on US citizens.

  3. It will fall into the same condition – see, none of the comrades in that “Sustainable Pacific Grove” group are really for saving the planet or being safe with vinegar. It’s something else, something much worse.

  4. Nope.

    It’s been a week, I wonder if they did it?

    Still messy as ever. But I noticed something this time. It looks to be taken over by a Carmel Valley solar panel business.

    The mosquito pond is still there
    Water Barrel

    The Fog Catcher and it’s slimy catching is still there:
    Fogslime catcher

    The fire hazard/termite food stack of pallets are there:

    A crate of trash
    Trash crate

    But I now notice that the solar company has put up a sign on the business sign

    The signs are also in the windows:
    Window signs

    Engraved mailbox

    And the contractor trailer parked in billboard fashion so traffic can see it:

    This is no enlightenment location, place to learn to clean things with vinegar or recycle. It’s a setup to promote a business.

    I feel that Sustainable Pacific Grove is a total fraud.

  5. Yes, they are a fraud.

    They get all the benefits of being a nonprofit (free use of the museum for meetings, receiving grant money, etc.) without going through the trouble of actually being a nonprofit. When asked about this, they will say that they are under the umbrella of the county sustainable group (founded by the Frishmuths, who also are in the forefront of the PG group). But the IRS has some pretty strict rules about “umbrellas,” and there has to be some accountability. With these groups, there is not any accountability (as you have pointed out with your photojournalism).

    I understand why this obvious fire hazard and vector magnate was allowed to operate–the city manager was one of them. But he’s gone from that position, yet this group gets to pollute Pacific Grove with impunity!

  6. Nice that someone will clean it up, but the real topic here is that this does not look like a mecca for the bicycle riding anti styrofoam kooks that recycle pet hair into throw pillows. It’s a business office for a company that is out to make a profit. A profit that rests on the backs of taxpayers subsidies. They park a construction trailer to use it as a billboard. And this gets the blessings of the city and the landlord?

    Sustainable what-evers are shaping up to look like a total fraud. Don’t buy into it.

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