Pollacci’s Next Rape Trials

Seeking change of venue.

Pollacci Parking Sex Offenders

In the most recent charges against Pollacci, prosecutors allege he raped a woman identified as Jane Doe 1 in his father’s RV that had been parked on the far side of the Monterey Peninsula Airport, and also raped a woman known as Jane Doe 2 in the loft of his family’s liquor store, Ron’s Liquors, on Lighthouse Avenue in Pacific Grove.

The alleged rapes, which occurred in late 2008 happened as Pollacci was being investigated for raping another woman, Jane Doe 5, also at the liquor store. In March 2009 Pollacci was arrested and charged with assaulting Jane Doe 5. That’s when Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 came forward.

Pollacci’s Next Rape Trials

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  1. That picture says 1000 words. And as for Tom….I hope he finds god and begs forgiveness before he goes to where all bad people end up. As far as him saying he is innocent of all the new charges…. Wow of course he is going to deny it. But he has to look at himself in the mirror every day and live with his concious. His years of abusing women. With all the forensic science……he again will be caught in yet another lie. A big web of lies for the past 30 years. What a sick person Tom has grown up to be. Most men are married and have children and gran children…..But Tom has wasted his life being a brutal, repeated sex offender. He needs psycho help. Maybe he should volenteer castration may curb is urge.

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