New Monterey Police Blotter – December 2010

12/2/10 Towed vehicle on Lilly and McClellan.

12/2/10 Theft from motor vehicle on Withers Avenue.

12/2/10 COVINGTON, LINDSEY was arrested for felony vandalism on Lighthouse.

12/2/10 MCSO was aided in the arrest of COVINGTON, LINDSEY on Lighthouse Ave.

12/3/10 Robbery on the Rec Trail.

12/3/10 DENNY, SHAWN was placed under arrest for the theft and for being under the influence of a controlled substance on Artillery by Pacific.

12/3/10 Traffic accident on Lighthouse and Irving

12/3/10 CONSIGLIO, ERIC was arrested for vehicle burglary on Wave St.

12/3/10 Traffic accident at Lighthouse and McClellan.

12/3/10 Harassing phone calls on Devisadero Street.

12/4/10 Shoplifting on David Avenue.

12/4/10 Individual reports being battered on HWY 68.

12/4/10 FORD, CHRISTOPHER was arrested for battery on Cannery Row.

12/4/10 Suspicious circumstances on David.

12/5/10 Brandishing a knife in the 600 block of Cannery Row.

12/5/10 Stolen air compressor from Irving.

12/5/10 Vehicle burglary on Prescott.

12/6/10 Traffic accident at David and Hawthorne.

12/7/10 Graffiti on Lighthouse.

12/7/10 Found wallet on the Rec Trail at Prescott Avenue.

12/8/10 Stolen sports equipment and school items from an unlocked vehicle on Hawthorne.

12/8/10 Traffic accident at David and Oak.

12/8/10 Vandalism on Wave.

12/8/10 Transient was the victim of a battery in the vicinity of Lighthouse.

12/9/10 CITY OF MONTEREY reports unknown to have stolen 4 exterior box lights on Archer.

12/9/10 Suspicious circumstances in the 500 block of Lighthouse.

12/11/10 Towed vehicle from Lighthouse Tunnel.

12/12/10 Citizen contact in the 600 block of Cannery Row.

12/14/10 Traffic accident at Prescott & Spencer.

12/14/10 GARCIA, CALISTA was cited for driving on a suspended license, unsafe speed through the tunnel, and unsafe lane change from Foam and Cannery Row.

12/14/10 GARCIA, CALISTA was arrested for a warrant at Foam and Cannery Row .

12/14/10 GARCIA, JOHNNY, was arrested for DUI on Lighthouse.

12/15/10 Longley, Kaitlyn was arrested for DUI in the 300 block of Drake.

12/15/10 Found property on Laine Street.

12/15/10 Graffiti to the retaining wall of the harbor

12/15/10 LAMB, ALAN was arrested for public intoxication and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana on David Ave.

12/16/10 MCDANIEL, TERESA, was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol at Lighthouse and Drake.

12/16/10 Hit and run collision at Foam and David.

12/18/10 Lost wallet in the 600 blk of Cannery Row.

12/19/10 Commercial burglary on Lighthouse.

12/20/10 Vandalism on Irving Ave.

12/21/10 Towed vehicle on 428 HAWTHORNE ST.

12/21/10 Towed trailer from the 700 block of Archer Street.

12/21/10 Automobile accident in the 700 block of Lighthouse.

12/23/10 BALLIN, MITCHELL and JUVENILE were arrested for public intoxication at Cypress and Hoffman.

12/23/10 Lost credit card in 700 block of Hawthorne .

12/23/10 Theft by use of credit card on Lighthouse.

12/23/10 Gordano, Lance, was arrested for public intoxication on Lighthouse.

12/23/10 LAMB, ALAN was arrested for public intoxication at Irving and Lighthouse.

12/24/10 Theft of a purse on Lighthouse.

12/25/10 Davis, Divioka, was arrested for DUI at Eardley and 4th.

12/25/10 Theft from vehicle on Oak St.

12/26/10 Vandalism on Lighthouse Avenue.

12/27/10 HARE, TIMOTHY, was arrested for public intoxication on Archer.

12/28/10 Vehicle vandalism on Wave.

12/28/10 WARNICK, Daren was placed under citizen’s arrest on Cannery Row.

12/28/10 Fall of person on Drake at Hawthorne.

12/28/10 BISHOP, CAMERON, was arrested for providing false information on Cannery Row.

12/28/10 MCSO was aided in the arrest of BISHOP, CAMERON on warrants on Cannery Row .

12/28/10 LLOPIS, STEVEN, was issued a citation for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana on Foam St.

12/29/10 Theft on Cannery Row.

12/29/10 Found wallet on Cannery Row.

12/30/10 Traffic accident on David and Cannery Row.

12/30/10 MILLER, JACOB SCOTT was arrested for DUI at Irving and Lighthouse.

New Monterey Police Blotter – December 2010