Mystery Giver Leaves Money In P.G.

In some cities there are kind people that give out money to the poor or homeless so that they might enjoy a bit of comfort that many take for granted. In P.G. they ask you to buy a $20 plate of noodles or an eight dollar jar of pickles.

Free Money

A total of 11 people have reported receiving cards filled with anywhere from $10 to $50. The cards included a list of suggestions of what to do with the money.

The suggestions include donating the money, spending it as a Pacific Grove restaurant or adding more money and blessing someone else.

Mystery Giver Leaves Money In P.G.

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  1. I think it was all staged. Spend about $500 and see if it could draw shoppers to town. People come to P.G. In hopes of getting free money, get none and immediately get the urge to buy rusty garden decor as gifts.

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