Aaron Corn Preliminary Hearing

Aaron Corn Headshot

Sad to read the unexpected ending of a party. Speaking of – the whole long article has no mention of Seaside Police Commander Chris Veloz calling his son after he got word of the accident.

Pinkas said when he approached Corn, who was bleeding and drifting in and out of consciousness, he was “unresponsive.”

“I detected that he had alcohol coming from his breath and person … but I didn’t obtain a statement from him,” according to the officer.

Two other passengers, Matt Wheeler and Ahmad Mahmoud, were also injured in the crash. Hill was paralyzed.

Monterey police officer Mark Shell — who interviewed Miller the day after the accident — said Miller told him that before the crash, he was at the home of a classmate, CJ Veloz, on Syida Drive in Pacific Grove where there was a small party.

Aaron Corn Preliminary Hearing

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  1. ‘When Pinkas arrived — about five to 10 minutes after being dispatched — one of the passengers, Eric Miller, who had been in the left rear seat of the SUV but wasn’t significantly injured, approached him.

    Miller “pointed to the driver lying on the ground and identified him as Aaron,” Pinkas said.’

    LOL! This Eric Miller ratted out his buddy as he lay there bleeding. What a pal! 😀

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