Trust Us, The Taxman Sayeth

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I still do not support any more taxes until cuts are made elsewhere. Fool me once…

There was a sense, Headley said, that Measure J would only “save the library at the level it had sunken to.”

Language in the new initiative has been written to assure the public that funds raised would support only the library and not be transferred to other city departments, she said. The parcel tax is expected to raise $600,000 in additional revenue each year. The ballot measure requires that the city continue to fund the library at the rate of 2.83 percent of the total general fund budget.

Trust Us, The Taxman Sayeth

2 thoughts on “Trust Us, The Taxman Sayeth

  1. First off, it’s an outdated building, no room for expansion, they aren’t even accepting new books. What are they going to do with $1M per year? It would only be open one more day a week. Plus, let’s not forget our sales tax is up 1% which was to fund our library, but did not. Also, once our library gets this $$, our city is going to take back about $200,000 they give it. So $200,000 of it goes to PG City & 80% of that to city employee salaries. Forget it.

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