Mvsevm As We Knew It Officially Gone For Good

The transformation from a resource to catalog and display real history of the area to some kind of art gallery and substainable re-education camp is complete. The quickly fading current city council team approved it. Only Dan Miller opposed the giveaway.

Mvsevm Speakeasy

Doubling the length of the Museum Foundation of Pacific Grove’s lease from 15 to 30 years, and changes allowing it more control over museum funds, facilities and administration, were approved 6-1 Wednesday by the Pacific Grove City Council.

The changes were part of an agreement hashed out in February by City Manager Thomas Frutchey, Mayor Carmelita Garcia and museum foundation board president Jason Burnett as part of a six-month review of the original lease agreement approved by the council a year ago.

Ignored in the process was the Pacific Grove Museum Advisory Board, the original oversight body established by the city charter.

Former museum director Vern Yadon told the council that the charter requires review of policies affecting the museum by the museum board, particularly those involving major fund transfers, but Frutchey said he didn’t believe an advisory body — the museum board — should have oversight over a governing body — the foundation board.

Frutchey said the museum foundation faced deadlines in its application for major grant funding from the National Endowment of the Arts and needed to move ahead.

Mvsevm As We Knew It Officially Gone For Good