New Tsunami Map Shows Who Goes

Cannery Row, John Denver’s plaque, Michelle Knight’s bladder house and other mini mansions on Ocean View. Kiss ’em goodbye.
Tsunami Map

Catastrophic waves could flood as far inland as Window on the Bay Park in Monterey and almost to the intersection of Fremont and Canyon Del Rey boulevards in Seaside, according to new maps by the California Geological Survey, California Emergency Management Agency and University of Southern California.

The new maps replace an older set that shows even greater potential tsunami damage, with flooding almost to North Salinas. “It’s actually a rosier scenario,” Yenovkian says. “Once you have the extent of the tsunami threat analyzed, you can prepare for it.”

New Tsunami Map Shows Who Goes

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  1. I liked the map I made of what would happen if a nuclear bomb was dropped on Holman’s. Actually got some press from it. Lol

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