Failed Sand City Marijuana Seller Offers Pipe To P.G.

But P.G. just says no no no no I don’t smoke it no Moe.

Hey, why should Monterey get all the fun & crime?
Butterfly Weed

Daniel Maniscalco went to the Pacific Grove City Council meeting Wednesday night and presented his plans for a non-profit cooperative during public comments.

The issue was not on the agenda so city council members did not address it but Mayor Carmelita Garcia said it does violate the city’s zoning codes.

Failed Sand City Marijuana Seller Offers Pipe To P.G.

10 thoughts on “Failed Sand City Marijuana Seller Offers Pipe To P.G.

  1. Although I agree with many of the opinions put forth on your site, the idea- that the presence of a medical marijuana dispensary will lead to an increase in crime- is purely asinine. It puts you in the same league as people like David Pendergrass.

  2. Joe we cannot always agree can we?

    I have nothing against pot smokers whether for recreation or therapeutic use. I do however feel that until the feds approve it, the shops operate under a cloud of secrecy and are infused with corruption. They pay no federal tax. They get robbed. The clientele get robbed. They attract people that I do not want to be near (both the bad element looking to just get high AND the extra cops trying to bust them). The suppliers that grow in parklands damage the land and make it dangerous to visit. What part of town will people avoid: the part with pot shops, head shops, massage parlous, tattoo studios, etc.

    Grow you own. Barter with friends. Enjoy. But until it’s 100% legal, don’t bring these profit making ‘cooperatives’ to my home town.

  3. Yeah, I brought it up on the forum. Remember that hemp shop where the owner was sent to jail for giving kids pot? It was in back of Prim & Proper.

  4. First one I pulled up – I forgot how much dope costs these days – wow, robbers got the pot and $15,000

    LAPD investigating robberies of two medical marijuana dispensaries
    June 19, 2009 | 11:01 am

    The Los Angeles Police Department is looking for four people who robbed at gunpoint a West Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensary, the second such incident in L.A. this week.

    The suspects robbed the dispensary on Cotner Avenue around 11 p.m. Thursday, getting away with pot and $15,000 cash, according to a LAPD spokesman. They fled in a Cadillac.

    It’s unclear whether the case is related to a robbery of a dispensary Wednesday in Reseda. But police are looking for links in both cases.

  5. But do you have any evidence of that kind of crime scene? I don’t read about SC having any crimes near their pot shops. But I don’t like the odor too much it would over power our clean air.

  6. OK, ok. Here’s one from today.

    The robbery attempt at Dr. Reefer has been widely publicized, as have a number of other crimes related to medical marijuana — most notably the murder of Denver resident Douglass Singleton, which the Denver Police say involved a medical-marijuana transaction gone awry. Werner hopes those arguing for medical marijuana-related crackdowns don’t use the incident at his business to bolster their argument. For one thing, he’s not even sure the men were targeting his dispensary.

    Great story. “Dr. Reefer” is an ex felon that lives in his store.

  7. This one’s old – 3 days. Instead of targeting the store, these guys target a customer

    Thompson said the trio knew the apartment resident had a medical marijuana card and planned to rob him of that and cash. The suspects broke into the apartment about 9 p.m., and bound the resident and three friends, he said.

    However, the scuffle alerted a neighbor who knocked on the door and was greeted by a man holding a shotgun, Thompson said. The neighbor tried to flee, but was dragged into the apartment, struck in the face with the butt of the shotgun and hit on the head with a heavy flashlight, Thompson said.

    Happens every day it seems.

  8. That one was kind of old, but at this proposed pot shop in PG and there would be 24-hour security, with a security guard during business hours. Employees would be thoroughly vetted and fingerprinted.

  9. Did anyone see the local news video after the meeting? One female was interviewed and said” I don’t want those rainbow potheads driving around PG, they should go home and take their pills like everyone else.” Oh boy.
    I guess she has not seen how many poor drivers PG has. Old folks, kids speeding down Lighthouse Ave.,etc.
    I almost get run over at least once per week just trying to walk in the cross walk.

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