Ride The Bus For Life – Stupid Teen DUI

DUI, Underage drinking, property damage, hit and run, injury to others, yes – This stupid kid should NEVER be allowed behind the wheel for the rest of his life. Barely legal age and starting out with a bang.

The CHP said the crash occurred about 2:50 a.m. when Yant, for unknown reasons, drove a 2009 Hyundai Sonata off a small cliff, coming to rest on the rocks at the water line. . .

The driver, 18-year-old Richard Yant IV, was found at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula about an hour later. He was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, officials said.

“Officers had enough indicators, when they contacted them, to see signs of him being impaired,” CHP Officer Robert Lehman said.

Lehman said Yant’s father had taken him for treatment for a small cut to his hand.

Ride The Bus For Life – Stupid Teen DUI