Deborah King Was Driving Reckless Says Witnesses

Please, never let this inconsiderate druggie behind the wheel again.

Deborah King
KSBW Photo

Deborah King will stand trial in the death of Joel Woods, who died after he was struck by King’s SUV as he picked up his son at Pacific Grove Middle School.

Toxicology reports described at the hearing showed that King, 52, had traces of eight different drugs in her system at the time of the accident on Sept. 2, 2008.

She had prescriptions for seven of them, and most were at “therapeutic levels.” The other drug was a small quantity of THC, a chemical found in marijuana, which could have entered her system weeks earlier.

Officer John Purdam, the first to respond to the accident, said he was told by a witness that King nearly rear-ended her at the Highway 1 exit onto Monterey-Salinas Highway moments before she crashed into Woods’ truck, which was parked at the curb outside the school at 835 Forest Ave.

A second witness told Purdam that she saw King’s vehicle drifting out of its lane and weaving through traffic as it approached the school.

Deborah King Was Driving Reckless Says Witnesses